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Michal Krassowski

BSc, MRes (DIC)

DPhil Student

  • PI Group: Prof Krina Zondervan & Dr Christian Becker

Integrative, multi-omics analysis and stratification of patients with endometriosis-associated pain and bladder pain syndrome

I am a DPhil student within the EndoCare group, focusing on the molecular basis of endometriosis and other chronic pelvic pain conditions. My primary research interest is in the multi-omics integration of experimental and clinical data for the disease stratification and biomarkers discovery. I have a computational background and a diverse experience in integration of molecular data, with previous projects ranging from pan-cancer research (post-translational modifications, drug repositioning), basic research (regulation of transcription and translation) to applied research in inflammatory diseases (biomarker discovery).

I am working on pelvic pain conditions using the additional power of integrated dataset to uncover the shared or distinct mechanisms, pathways and molecules, as well as patient subgroups which may inform the future studies and clinical guidelines. I am involved in data analysis of the TRiPP study, under the supervision of Prof Krina Zondervan, Dr Nilufer Rahmioglu, and Prof Katy Vincent.

In the course of my DPhil I had opportunity to study statistical methods for analysis of biomedical data and greatly expand my knowledge on human metabolomics and translational research.

In my free time I contribute to scientific software development initiatives (JupyterLab) and in the past contributed to the ecosystem of SRS learning software (Anki).

I completed a BSc in Bioinformatics and System's Biology at the University of Warsaw in 2017 and MRes in Biomedical Research (Data Science) at the Imperial College London in 2019. In past, I have collaborated with the Reimand lab at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research.