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Mengni Shen

Mengni Shen

Research groups

Mengni (Monica) Shen

DPhil Student

  • PI Group: Dr Ingrid Granne

I am a final year DPhil student in Ingrid lab group, with Jen Southcombe as my supervisor. I am interested in the alteration in immune system during pregnancy, particularly prior to implantation in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. Although studies have shown changes in the periphery and uterine immune cells in women with recurrent implantation failure, the immune aetiology of implantation failure remains poorly elaborated. Nonetheless, IVF clinicians are offering a variety of diagnostic tests and subsequent therapeutic methods targeting the “abnormal” levels of immune cells. The rationality of viewing natural killer (NK) cells as a treatment target evokes a huge debate along these years which attributes to the lack of convincing clinical data. My DPhil project propose a well-designed clinical study of immune profiling in pregnant pathologies. I will be using multi-colour flow cytometry to first obtain the normal variations in the control group, followed by an extensive investigation of immune cell parameters. We expect to define the correlation between blood and endometrial immune cell populations as well as the differences in controls, RIF and subfertile patients. We also conducted RNA-seq study on endometrial B cells. 

Prior to joining the group I completed MSc Applied Bioscience and Biotechnology in Imperial College London, BSc Biotechnology in Tongji University, China. 


Linacre College Travel Grant (2019)

Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust Award (2019)

Funs for Women Graduates PhD Main Grant (2019)

Finox PhD Project Funds (2017)