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Research groups


MSc in Regenerative Biology and Medicine
TU Dresden, Germany

Two-years long masters degree focused on getting practical research experience. I worked on 3 rotation projects (3-4 months each) and carried my 6-months long masters thesis project at Monash University in Australia.

BSc (Hons) in Reproductive Biology
The University of Edinburgh, UK

I graduated with a First Class degree and an award for the best student in my Honours year. I did direct entry into second year. During my studies, I obtained an SRI summer studentship award to get first wet-lab research experience. My bachelor's thesis was also lab-based. 

Research Experience

Throughout my studies, I have worked on many short research projects (3 - 6 months), studying:

  • effects of maternal progesterone administration during early pregnancy on the male offspring (QMRI, Edinburgh, UK)
  • effects of a common component of smoke on the development of mouse foetal ovary (Bachelor's thesis, University of Edinburgh, UK)
  • effects of alginate implant on spinal cord regeneration (CRTD, TU Dresden, Germany)
  • treatment for malignant melanoma (CRTD, TU Dresden, Germany)
  • 3D printing of cells in biodegradable core/shell scaffolds (CRTD, TU Dresden, Germany)
  • characterisation of the Spiny Mouse endometrium, especially, the stem/progenitor cells (Hudson Institue, Monash Unviersity, Australia)

Magda Marečková

BSc (Hons), MSc

DPhil Student

  • PI Group: Prof Krina Zondervan and Dr Christian Becker

Women's and Reproductive Health


Being part of the Oxford Endometriosis CaRe group, my research project focuses on advancing our understanding of endometriosis. Endometriosis affects around 10% of women world-wide and causes debilitating abdominal pain. Unfortunately, endometriosis is not well understood. We currently lack non-invasive ways of diagnosing it and efficient long-term treatment.  

My DPhil project focuses on studying the human endometrium in both health and endometriosis at the single cell level. Furthermore, my project aims to characterise the endometriosis lesion tissue using single-cell RNA-sequencing. Studying the cellular composition of both the endometrium and the endometriosis lesion tissue, I aim to explore what role different cell types might play in endometriosis pathogenesis. 


Prof Christian Becker (NDWRH, Oxford)

Dr Rebecca Dragovic (NDWRH, Oxford)

Dr Karin Hellner (NDWRH, Oxford)

Dr Jen Southcombe (NDWRH, Oxford)

Dr Roser Vento-Tormo (Wellcome Sanger Institue, Cambridge)

Prof Krina Zondervan (NDWRH & WTCHG, Oxford)


Oxford - Medical Research Council Doctoral Training Partnership (MRC-DTP) & Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health (NDWRH)

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