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Research groups

Danielle Perro


DPhil Student

  • Welfare Representative
  • PI Group: Prof Krina Zondervan and Dr Christian Becker


Prior to attending Oxford, I completed a BMSc at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, where I studied interdisciplinary medical sciences and physiology.

I have joined the Department of Women's and Reproductive Health under the supervision of Dr. Christian Becker, Dr. Katy Vincent, and Dr. Krina Zondervan. 

I am particularly interested in the role of microvesicles in mediating endometriosis-associated pain. Pain is one of the characteristic symptoms of the disease, yet little is known about what causes it. Microvesicles have known implications in the inflammatory pathways of other inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, and so it is of particular interest to characterize, quantify, and identify the cellular origins of microvesicles, in relation to endometriosis pain.