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Andy Hong

Andy Hong

Andy Hong


Lead Urban Health Scientist

I am a Lead Urban Health Scientist at The George Institute for Global Health (UK), University of Oxford. I am also Co-founder of the Healthy Cities Network, a global nexus of innovators dedicated to sharing cutting-edge information on urban health. I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Southern California and my graduate and undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. I previously held positions at the University of British Columbia, the Korea Transport Institute, and Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates.

My research interests lie at the nexus of data science, geography, and public health. I have been working on two research streams to push this interdisciplinary field forward.

  • One stream of research is related to applying the concept of "cities as data". I seek to understand cities as invisible grids and overlapping networks made up of vast quantities of data from wearable sensors and crowdsourcing platforms to understand environmental health risks and health disparities.
  • Another stream of research looks at "cities as a living lab" to support innovation and co-design of urban spaces with citizens, private and public sectors, and civic leaders towards building healthier and equitable environments.

My goal is to bridge the gap between data science, geography, and public health. I am actively collaborating with international experts, civic leaders, and policy makers to develop evidence-based policy solutions to a wide range of global health challenges, from promoting physical activity to reducing the environmental burden of disease in marginalized communities.

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