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Using Advanced Genomics to Understand Ovarian Cancer Genesis, Chemotherapy Resistance and Immune-escape


Ovarian cancer is one of the most lethal gynaecological malignancies predominantly because of late presentation and chemotherapy resistance. Recent advances in single cell RNA sequencing and DNA sequencing have made it possible to obtain unprecedented insights into tumour biology. Our lab has developed sequencing strategies and analysis algorithms to accelerate the mechanistic understanding of ovarian cancer. The use of these technologies and our access to patients recruited in clinical research studies provide exciting opportunities for addressing key questions in ovarian cancer such as a) understanding the cell of origin of ovarian cancer, b) characterising the tumour initiating cells in minimal residual disease and c) understanding the T cell responses against ovarian cancer initiation and progression. We use organoid models to unravel mechanisms obtained from mining genomic data.

Successful candidates will be asked to develop a project with Professor Ahmed to address a key question from the ones mentioned above.


Training in single cell sequencing and advanced genomic sequencing will be provided.

Opportunities for learning the analysis of genomics and single cell sequencing techniques are available. In addition, the candidate may also learn techniques such as isolation of T cells subpopulations using flow cytometry, T cell expansion and characterisation. Working with organdie systems established from cells obtained directly from patients is encouraged. The use of particular techniques will be tailored to the needs of the project.

The university also provides a wide-range of training opportunities.

Funding information

The Elizabeth Murphy Scholarship is available to fund a student with exceptional talent. The scholarship funds a stipend for the student as well as University and College fees.