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 Multimodel modelling of the UK Biobank’s imaging, genetic and behavioural data


Suzannah Williams




All rhinoceros species are highly endangered and with populations declining daily, it is imperative we understand more about their ovarian function so that we can develop methods for fertility preservation and assisted reproductive technologies.

The Rhino Fertility Project has been established at the University of Oxford by Prof. Williams to help save the northern white rhino and other rhino species.

This project will analyse rhino ovarian tissue both histologically and molecularly to further our understanding of follicle development and will develop methods of rhino ovarian tissue culture to support follicle development in vitro.



This project will provide training in working with cell and tissue culture techniques, laboratory molecular techniques such as western blotting, PCR, immunohistochemistry, and imaging techniques.

The Williams lab is a team and there are ample opportunities to get involved in other projects.

The student will be able to access the training schemes and courses provided for graduate students by the University of Oxford.


 The position is not currently funded and therefore the candidate will need to secure funding