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Effects of blood pressure-lowering drugs in heart failure

Journal article

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Reliability of anthropometric measurements in children with special needs

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Risk factors for aortic stenosis and aortic valve replacement in 1.2 million UK women


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Hypertension in pregnancy and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke: A prospective study in a large UK cohort

Journal article

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Liver Fat Measured by MR Spectroscopy: Estimate of Imprecision and Relationship with Serum Glycerol, Caeruloplasmin and Non-Esterified Fatty Acids

Journal article

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Social participation and coronary heart disease risk in a large prospective study of UK women

Journal article

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Variations in vascular mortality trends, 2001–2010, among 1.3 million women with different lifestyle risk factors for the disease

Journal article

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A dictionary of epidemiology — The evolution towards the 6th edition

Journal article

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Obesity in children: bariatric surgery

Journal article

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Age at Menarche and Risks of Coronary Heart and Other Vascular Diseases in a Large UK Cohort

Journal article

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Age at Menarche and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in the UK Million Women Study.

Conference paper

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