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The 15th World Congress on Endometriosis kicks off in Edinburgh from 3rd to 6th May 2023. The Congress brings together scientists, clinicians, health professionals and patients to collaborate on the biologic and sociologic understanding of endometriosis, with the ultimate goal to improve clinical care. Expectations are high, with 1100 attendees from 50 countries, presenting nearly 600 original research papers. Experts from our dept's Oxford EndoCaRe research group will be chairing talks, giving oral presentations, sharing posters, networking and more!

The World Congress on Endometriosis is the event of the year for anyone working in this field! From May 3rd to 6th May 2023, a global community of scientists, clinicians, and advocates who are dedicated to advancing our understanding of this complex condition will congregate at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, to share and discuss their exciting and cutting-edge research on endometriosis.

The keynote speakers will give thought provoking presentations on a diverse range of topics, including the latest ideas about why only some individuals suffer chronic pain and how we can have treatments with less side effects as well as on topics that are new to the endometriosis audience, such as the role of diet in pain perception and the use of social media as both a positive and negative in advocacy. One of these speakers is Dr Emma Evans, Clinical Psychologist with the Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health, University of Oxford, who will share her insights on the impact of endometriosis & the importance of psychological support.  You can read the full speaker programme here.

Endometriosis CaRe Oxford is a nationally and internationally acclaimed Centre of Expertise in clinical Care and Research into Endometriosis, part of the Nuffield Department of Women's and Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford. Led by Professors Krina ZondervanChristian Becker and Katy Vincent, their research aims to identify what causes this disease to help improve our understanding of its different forms and to help inform novel drug and non-invasive biomarker discovery programmes.

Click here to see the EndoCaRe group of research midwives and nurses, researchers, support staff, and students.

Our EndoCaRe research group will be attending the World Congress on Endometriosis to exhibit their work and to network with colleagues around the world, with the key goal of raising awareness of this debilitating disease that causes severe pelvic pain and reduced fertility for millions of women worldwide.

Good luck to them all for this fascinating event!