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‘Unheard of – The hidden voice of Endometriosis ’ the podcast series co-hosted by Danielle Perro (Postdoctoral Researcher in Epidemiology) and Magda Mareckova (DPhil student) has been recognised by the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, with a Public Engagement with Research Project Award.

This bold podcast series that sought answers to some of the biggest questions posed by the Endometriosis community, as set out by the James Lind Alliance (such as What causes Endometriosis? Why can Endometriosis be so painful? Will there ever be a cure?) has won a Public Engagement with Research Project Award from the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics.

Danielle Perro and Magda Mareckova  who studied Endometriosis in our department are passionate science communicators, committed to raising Endometriosis awareness, talking about reproductive health.

In this podcast series, they shed light on a very common, yet unheard of condition affecting 1 in 10 of those born with a uterus. The focus is learning more about the condition while elevating the voices that often go unheard – the voices of people with endometriosis and early-career specialists & researchers in the field.  

You can listen to all the episodes in ‘Unheard of – The hidden voice of Endometriosis’ via any of the platforms below: 

Podcast Page:

Libsyn Directory:



Read more about the work of the Endometriosis Research Group here.