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The Leadership Team has sought and obtained ethical approval to allow the medical records (including clinical data, ultrasound images and fetal heart traces) of all mothers and babies to be used anonymously and confidentially to monitor and improve the quality of the  maternity services, and help research into the causes of pregnancy‐related problems. That approval has since been extended to include hospitals in the Oxford  Academic Health Science Maternity Network.    

Our Research Midwives conduct a range of high quality studies with women who are not currently pregnant, to those in the first trimester of pregnancy and onward. They are responsible for helping to recruit women and collect the relevant samples required for each study. 

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Our dedicated Research Technicians are responsible for the safe processing, storage and distribution of samples collected from women participating in studies. They work within the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) required by each study, and also manage databases and researcher access requests for the samples they need.